Honorable mention with award in International Competition for the Centre for Promotion of Science Belgrade

The project which consists of a Center for Promotion of Science and a Scientific Research Institute was selected as honorable mention out of 232 participants.

Official Jury Report on Awarded Works:   
Here a brave and simple concept —in the very best manner of international modernism—is combined with a contemporary filigree. Pure elements connected in space—such as a flat square and vertical tower of the Centre for the Promotion of Science, as well as rigid frame of habitat of campus—make a symbiotic system which appears very “organic” although geometrically arranged. The composition as a whole made a strong impression and highly recommended the entry as one of the honorable mentions.

Architecture & Urbanism: Dürig AG: Jean-Pierre Dürig, Gian Paolo Ermolli, Jonas Fritschi, Jan Heider, Flurina Hilpertshauser, Roland Denier (Caretta + Weidmann)
Competition: October - December 2010
Location: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Competition Homepage: http://www.blok39.com/

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