Motovun Architecture Unit - summer school

Guillermo Dürig as Co-Tutor in the Motovun Architecture Unit summer school.

The summer school is about the spatial potential within the city as a monument. It is a chance to explore the contemporary meaning of the idea of a monument. Possibilities and possible futures will be discovered through observation and a certain methodology of drawings, images and models and full-sized buildings made through a speculative interpretation of found heritage. This shall be achieved through the cumulative result of individual efforts brought together into one single body of work.

Time and Place: 13th - 23th of August 2015
Location: Motovun, Croatia

Tutors: Céline Bessire, Marija Blagojević, Guillermo Dürig, Josip Jerković, Marta Lozo, Tamara Marić, Guillaume Othenin-Girard, Nigel Peake, Luka Piškorec, Richard Prest, Philip Shelley, Matthias Winter, Nemanja Zimonjić

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